How You Can Help?

Attend A Fundraiser:

For those who would like to attend one of our fundraising events, please contact either Bryan or Laura, or email We will be glad to get you tickets to any events posted, and would love to see you there!

We could always use help in any of our fundraisers.  From planning and procurement, to set up and clean up, we always appreciate ANY help you can give.  Please email us your information if you are willing to donate your time, and we will add you to our list of generous volunteers!

Spread the Word:

If you know friends or family in an area where one of the events will be held, please spread the word. It will take individuals who care and are concerned to help us with communicating all the details of upcoming fundraisers. We depend on you to send those you know to our web site or send a quick email about our situation and others who are living with this disease. Perhaps there are interested sponsors, corporate or individuals, who might be interested in funding specific research projects for NPC. Thank you for joining us as well as other families who are fighting to find a cure for all children who have NPC.

Use Goodsearch:

This is an easy and FREE way to help!  Go to and type in Hadley Hope Fund under Who Do You Search For?  Now use this site as your default search engine when looking up things on the internet.  For every search you do, they will donate $0.01.  Doesn't sound like much, but if we get hundreds of people to use it as they normally do every day, this could turn into hundreds of $$'s each year!  Also, please use the GoodShop feature on the website.  Buy online through hundreds of sponsored links, and they will donate a portion of the proceeds back to Hadley Hope!


If you would like to financially contribute, you can do so online securely through our website, on our Donation Page.

Or, you can make deposits at any U.S. Bank nationwide:   

Please make contributions to:  Hadley Hope Fund

For a list of locations, please follow the following link:

 US Bank Locations

Knit CureCaps: 

From the Addi & Cassi Hempel’s site:

What Are CureCaps?  
CureCaps are knitted, crocheted or even sewn hats that are handmade by people who want to open up their hearts to help us fight against this fatal cholesterol disorder.  We want CureCaps to be designed for all types of kids — from healthy kids to kids who might be fighting an illness like cancer or even a cold.  CureCaps are a sign of hope for cures for childhood diseases like NPC.  We are in the process of collecting CureCaps and since the project started we have over 500 CureCaps made.   We hope that as word spreads about CureCaps, more volunteers will join our team.   We currently have friends in multiple states all busy working on making CureCaps.

How Do I Make A CureCap?
The one question everyone wants to know is if there a pattern they should follow when making CureCaps.  The answer is “No.”   We want each CureCap to be a unique and creatively crocheted, knitted or sewn hat that is made from your heart.  Some people are designing CureCaps that will fit infants and babies.  Most CureCaps are being designed to fit children between the ages of 1-5 years of age.  We need CureCaps for both boys and girls.  There has even been talk about doing an adult version of CureCaps so if you are interested in sending larger hats that would be fantastic.

To find out more about CureCaps visit:


Where To Send CureCaps:

Ms. Addi and Cassi Hempel
14125 Saddlebow Drive
Reno, NV  89511
(775) 849-1924