Question:  Has anyone’s child experience fatigue for over a month out from getting their 2nd Pfizer shot?

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Not here. At least not noticed.


Yes. S has experienced extreme fatigue. Two rounds of blood work and urinalysis but with nothing showing up. It’s been over three months.
Dr is testing her spinal fluid from last treatment to rule out any possible issues but feels that it is the vaccine
C and K’s 2nd shot was July 7th. C has been fatigued since then.
K got Bronchitis and Pneumonia in early August. She is very very weak. I think she would be stronger from the pneumonia by now.
It is not unusual for K to be weak at times, but C never does this.
He goes back to bed in the mornings, and at times just closes his eyes while watching tv.
Nothing for John
Both A and S got their vaccine in April and A was just fine. It’s probably just a coincidence but since then S has battled extreme fatigue and exhaustion and periodic low grade fevers. She has had two sets of blood work and urinalysis but everything is showing within limits. Today she was up for only one hour and then back to bed. I’m starting to panic. Any ideas my NPC family
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