COVID-19 Shot

Question:  Curious as to what brand of covid shot other NPC kids received ? Please tell me the good and bad you have seen. Thinking about getting it done for K.

Responses from the community:

* SC

My grandson got the Moderna with no side effects.

* MB

My son Moderna. flu like symptoms for 24 hours after 1st shot. no other issues


S had the Pfizer vaccine, nil side effects


Both G and D had the Pfizer shots, no reactions


J got Pfizer – no side effects


A got side effects


C and K both had Pfizer. Only symptom is fatigue.


My sons both got Pfizer – no reactions at all.


D got Moderna. no side effects.


C had the Oxford Astra Zenica and no problems at all other than a sore arm at the site of injection


C had Pfizer. No side effects.


J had Pfizer. No side effexts.


Moderna for T. Zero side effects.


Moderna for all of us. No side effects.


My kids got Johnson and Johnson and so did i only think is you had a low grade fever for 18 hrs and flu like systems other then that nothing sore arm


Moderna, no side effects







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