Question: Does anyone have a problem with mucus pooling in the throat. C is experiencing really thick mucus and even though he is on glycopyrronium injections to dry up secretions, it doesn’t seem to be working. This is causing him to choke really badly. He is on a modified diet and thickened fluids but is choking now just on the mucus.

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* MB

We have a suction machine for this issue. we use saline breathing treatments to help thin the mucus so he can expel it easier. he used to be on a med to dry mucus but it only made things thicker and harder for him to get out.


Thank you, I was thinking about a suction machine, I will maybe reduce the injections as the mucus has gotten thicker but he also had covid and I wasn’t sure if this had made the mucus worse

* LD

I did the same for my son. The problem with drying it up causes it to get thicker then mucous plugs. Bj coded several times from plugging. The suction machine is an absolute necessity.


M has a suction machine and a cough assist machine which helps bring the mucus up. Both work good for him.

• AL
All good advice above. Are the doctors fully aware? It is a balance to strike between drying the secretions and not creating mucus plugs. Suctioning will help. The thickened feeds should be reviewed. Swallowing can be an issue.

• TK
We are in the same situation unfortunately .. We are using a saline machine too…that helped a lot to avoid pneumonia in the last 2 years but throat mucus is still an issue

• TO
C’s swallow has deteriorated over the past few years, certain foods he can no longer manage at all. Drs are aware but think I will request a review again, spoke with his g