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Today is world Rare Disease Day, yes, because Leap Day is a rare day.....
On this day organizations all over the world combine to help spread awareness about rare diseases.  And, of course, we will highlight Niemann Pick Type C disease, one of the "rarest of the rare" with only around 500 known cases worldwide. 
So, we would like to share a video with you.  It was very well done, and is very touching (have tissue ready) detailing the struggles the children, their families, and the Dr's all face.  This video could represent any one of the NPC patients.  We have all been there.  "Building 10".  "The Children's Inn". These are amazing places that help children/patients, but so scary at the same time to have to visit.  The child's candid comments about the disease would have been very similar to Peyton's just a couple years ago...


ALSO: here are 3 FREE ways YOU can help fight NPC Disease:

1.  Shop Amazon Smile:  This is the same as Amazon, except everything you buy on their Smile site, they give a portion back to your favorite charity.  Doesn't cost you anything extra. Just go to:  http://smile.amazon.com/ and sign your favorite charity up (hopefully the Hadley Hope Fund!)
2. Shop Fred Meyer/Kroger.  If you have a rewards card, then scan that every time you shop, and they give a portion back to Hadley Hope.  Sign up here:  https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4
3.  Vote on ESPN:  Our NPC Coach is back in the final 3 this year, so every day for the next week or two, vote for Matt Painter!  Vote here:  http://promo.espn.go.com/espn/contests/infiniti/2016/index?next=home

Thank You all for your continued support!
Bryan and Laura



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